By Stieg Larsson Millennium: a neverending story

By Stieg Larsson Millennium: a neverending story

The Saga Millennium will forever be a trilogy and yet it never ceases to entertain new twists. This time, the Swedish National Library, who announced the discovery of unpublished manuscripts by Stieg Larsson, the late creator of Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist.

“We have received texts from the archives of a small magazine called Jules Verne Magazine and in the archives, there were some manuscripts by Stieg Larsson ever published”, told AFP an official of the Library Magdalena Gram. It states that the texts, written around 1970 at the age of 17 years, are “kind of science fiction” and had been sent to the journal in the hope of being published.

The Library was aware of its existence but Magdalena Gram just to look at the documents. Will they ever be published? The decision belongs to the father and the brother of Larsson and his heirs. The librarian, however, believes that there should think twice because it is the reputation of the author and these early writings are worth probably not his adult novels.

During that time, the world’s press continues to search the existence of the journalist-novelist phenomenon, boss of the magazine “Expo”. Last major discovery to date, the Daily Telegraph has opened its columns to the one colleague to whom he gave an interview one day on his work, the editor of a magazine. Alerted by an editor at a book fair and intrigued that Larsson has sold its three manuscripts of a sudden, Lasse Winkler wanted to meet him. He describes in particular the atmosphere of paranoia in which the author lived permanently for fear of being targeted by extremists.

The creator of Millennium gave him such that he felt ready to write a hundred novels in this series, as he found someone to publish and readers to read. A hundred? So to speak, no doubt, but confidence must be more than a dream today, not only in publishing. Because cinema is also tearing at your teeth into the cake.

After the Scandinavian productions, big and small screen versions, there is talk of a Hollywood remake of the first part, “The men who did not like women.” The achievement would be entrusted to David Fincher (“Seven”). The role of the rebel would Salander Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley or Natalie Portman. And one of Blomkvist Daniel Craig, aka James Bond. This time, it’s not joking around …


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