Why I became a Business Angel

Francois Huguet-Devallet, Vice-President of Women Business Angels salutes the optimism of designers who believe in the future.

“After a long career very active in marketing and the media age has placed in the category of” inactive “… This does not suit my temperament at all more interventionist than contemplative ….. And I remembered from my economic studies which glorified the innovative entrepreneur, Schumpeter, when we spoke only of financial products so complex that they become incomprehensible, that the charge sheets are more eager to achieve their sales objectives for products that address the real interests of their clients, and the stock market instead of finance companies, has turned into a casino managed by software. In short, I wanted to find the real economy, at its birth: the creation of enterprise.

The occasion m ‘has been provided, through a conference for former Sciences Po, by the encounter with Beatrice Jauffrineau, founding president of Women’s Business Angels (BAF) has now been replaced as head of BAF by Agnes Fourcade. I became a member of this association and have thus met with projects of an innovative, women and men in various fields: new technologies and sustainable development, but also health, beauty, finance, distribution, etc. ….

I invested in several very interesting: it is still too early to know if I’ll make money, but I could also save me tax exemption.

 And in the current atmosphere of gloom, it was a breath of fresh air: the optimism of designers who believe in their project and in the future. And then I had very fruitful contacts with other members of BAF, very dynamic women were recruited from all professions and all ages. Bravo to those that handle both careers, children and heritage!

And then we “give birth” the next big companies of tomorrow. “


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