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What future for the ArcelorMittal steel?

The appointment of Julian Onillon as CFO of the industry raises some questions about the future of this last group in the steelmaker.

On several occasions, speculation emerged about a possible sale of part of ArcelorMittal Inox. The group also recognized whenever explore “all possibilities”. Clearly, it means, yes, we could sell, we think. By dint of reflection, it is possible that a trend is emerging.

Julien Onillon, French living in London, is a pure product Mittal Steel. Director of Investor Relations Group, he is the Mittal family was on the front lines when it was in 2006, convincing skeptical French journalists (believe me, I know what I mean) the merits of their bid Areclor on.

End laborer, skilled diplomat, Julien Onillon has the perfect profile of the CFO that could undertake work on disposal of a subsidiary which would be separate, but by valuing correctly, while remaining quiet about his intentions. But this, of course, only my opinion.


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